Fight the traffic smog with the Electric XZoomer!

As Honda is not selling the Zoomer in China, the chinese Zoomer fan must get creative and build their own version of the worlds most stylish scooter.

The “XZoomer” by Token Hu from TKXXCollection Inc. & The RedMind Creative Corp. in Shanghai is the worlds first Zoomer styled electric powered scooter to fight the heavy traffic smog in chinese cities.

XZOOMER production type release: December 2010 (China only).

And here are some tech specifications:

Model one:
Engine : 800W Electric Power with 1000W Controller
Battery : 48V20ah lead acid
Speed : Max 45KM/h | Range: 50KM in speed 30KM/h
Weight : 90KG
Max loading:150KG

Links: Official XZOOMER website. Creators weblog TokenX. Contact E-mail

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