My Perfect Zoomer Moment

As the summer is well and truly over here in Europe I’m finding myself reminiscing this year’s scootering around town in the warm weather. What sprung to mind is a completely true story and is my fondest memory to date whilst blasting my Zoomer around Brussels. I wish it had been caught on video as I’d be a YouTube megastar by now.

So, here’s the story. I’d finished work in down town Brussels and was on my 15 minute commute across the city. Road works meant that I had to change my route slightly. I’m not bad with directions and know the streets well so happily zig-zagged my way across town. Besides, the weather was beautiful and my iPod was pumping out perfect tunes.

As I entered my neighborhood, I cut down a street through the Portuguese quarter where two kids were playing soccer. The sidewalk was wider than average and they had a goal marked out on the side of a building.

I vividly remember a Max Romeo track was playing and I was enjoying my ride home on this sunny day. As I approached I had the feeling that the ball was going to cross my path. I braced myself to brake in case it came rolling into the street with a kid following close behind.

True enough, the ball did come my way, only it was arcing towards me in a magnificent cross. Without thinking I steered the bike towards the ball. It connected sweetly with the top of my helmet. I flicked my neck to the right firing it back towards where the two little fellas where playing.

I was already amazed that I managed to header the ball at all, but it gets better. As I continued on my merry way I glimpsed in my mirror and watched the ball pass the keeper and slot into the top left corner of the goal, with the little striker jumping for joy in his Figo shirt.

As long as I live, I will never forget that perfect Zoomer moment. I swear on Mr Honda (RIP) this is a 100% true story and I acknowledge I could never replicate such a thing in a million years. I hope it rekindles happy Zoomer moments for all you Zoomer boys out there.